Casenote on Harding v Wealands and the Quantification of Damages


Pippa Rogerson (Cambridge University) has written a short casenote in the latest issue of the Cambridge Law Journal on the judgment of the House of Lords in Harding v Wealands [2006] UKHL 32. Here’s the first paragraph:

THERE is a contradiction at the heart of this casenote. On the one hand, the House of Lords was completely right in its decision in Harding v. Wealands [2006] UKHL 32, [2006] 3 W.L.R. 83 overturning the Court of Appeal’s judgment (noted [2005] C.L.J. 305) and reinstating that of Elias J. On the other, it was utterly wrong.

Those with online access to the Cambridge Law Journal can download the article from here.