New Site Feature: Search by Jurisdiction, and New Editors


We have now implemented another way of finding the material you need on CONFLICT OF LAWS .NET quickly and efficiently. There are readers of this site located on every continent, and in every major jurisdiction; as a result, it makes sense for the news items to be searchable by jurisdiction, as well as by date and subject.

If you scroll down to the “ARCHIVES” section of the menu on the left-hand side, you will see two drop-down boxes, one of which will allow you to “Select by Date”, and the other to “Select by Category“. In the latter drop-down box, you will find a list of categories that the news items on CONFLICT OF LAWS .NET are allocated to, and, as of today, a list of jurisdictions that the news items are placed into.

Clicking on “EU”, for example, will take you to all those news items that relate to the European Union (be it judgments of the ECJ, or new versions of proposed Regulations). We hope that this will make the site even more accessible to its users. Let us know what you think.

On a related note, we have appointed several more editors, who will be posting news and views in private international law from Belgium, Croatia, Russia and Australia, in addition to the jurisdictions we already have covered: the UK, the USA, Germany, Canada and France. All of the editors are very qualified scholars in their respective jurisdictions; for a full list of the editors, along with their profiles, see the Editors’ page. If your jurisdiction is not yet represented on CONFLICT OF LAWS .NET, and you feel that you are able and willing to take on an editorial role, please send an email with your details and CV to the General Editor, Martin George.