Some Case Comments And Practitioner Articles in November


There are a few case comments and articles on private international law in various practitioner updates this month in the UK. These include:

1. "Court authority over internet sites based abroad" E-Commerce Law and Policy (E.C.L. & P. 2006, 8(10), 6-7) by Hubert Best and Martin Soames. Abstract:

Examines courts' jurisdiction, and which laws should apply, where wrongdoing is committed by web based companies or individuals based in other countries. Provides examples from the US and other countries of the differing criteria used to determine courts' jurisdiction. Highlights the refusal of UK based software company, Spamhaus, who have a website but no physical presence in the US, to comply with a US District Court injunction and order for damages for listing a US bulk emailing company as a spammer. Suggests that international harmonisation of internet laws is unlikely to keep pace with internet development.

2. "Marriage and non-marital registered partnerships: gold, silver and bronze in private international law" Private Client Business (P.C.B. 2006, 6, 352-362) by Richard Frimston. Abstract:

Examines the extent to which private international law grants cross border recognition to civil and other non marital registered partnerships involving same sex couples. Reviews the definitions of "marriage", the countries in which same sex marriage is now lawful and the human rights implications of non recognition in EC Member States, highlighting the discrimination issues raised by the Family Division ruling in Wilkinson v Kitzinger. Considers the position regarding quasi marriages such as non marital registered relationships (NMRRs) or civil partnerships, including the registration requirements, the position where one party is a non national and the scope for mixed sex NMRRs.

3. "Stays of Proceedings: Foreign Arbitrations" Arbitration Law Monthly (Arb. L.M. 2006, Nov, 1-3). Abstract:

Examines the Commercial Court judgment in Abu Dhabi Investment Co v H Clarkson & Co Ltd on the jurisdiction of the court under the Arbitration Act 1996 s.9 to stay UK proceedings brought contrary to an arbitration clause which was subject to foreign law. Considers the terms of a joint venture to run an express liner service, focusing on whether the arbitration agreement in the memorandum of association and the shareholders' agreement applied to allegations that the contract was induced by misrepresentation. Examines the interpretation of arbitration clauses under United Arab Emirates law.