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Saloni Khanderia

By Tasha Joseph

The confusion between ‘place’, ‘seat’ and ‘venue’ in International Commercial Arbitration cases was put to rest in the recent judgment of the Supreme Court in Union of India v. Hardy Explorations And Production(India) Inc.1. The decision was given by a three-judge bench which unanimously passed the decision that ‘seat’, ‘venue’ and ‘place’ did not signify the same meaning and could not be used interchangeably. Instead, the three terms denote different meanings and in the absence of express provision for any of the same, there were tests to be met in order to determine the actual ‘place’, ‘venue’ and ‘seat’.

Written by Saloni Khanderia

Associate Professor Saloni Khanderia (Jindal Global Law School, O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat, India) recently published a new paper in the Commonwealth Law Bulletin, titled The Hague judgments project: assessing its plausible benefits for the development of the Indian Private International Law.