Now Reviewed: New Book on Indian Private International Law by Bloomsbury Publications


written by Abhishek Trivedi, Institute of Legal Studies and Research, GLA University, Mathura, India

(Publication of this book was announced earlier over here. 

Written by Dr Abhishek Trivedi, the book review of Indian Private International Law has been published in the Asian Journal of International Law, Volume 12, Issue 2 in its July 2022 issue.

Preview: This timely required up-to-date book provides a systematic detailed study about all-encompassing Private International Law (PIL) issues concerning jurisdiction, choice of law, and recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments/decrees/arbitral awards in India. Considering the new developments in the field of technology and the internet, the book seems to be useful, and thus, can be relied upon by judiciary and policy and lawmakers in India and South Asian countries in order to develop a coherent and robust jurisprudence on PIL. It will consequently help enhance transparency, foster predictability, and harmonise the rules/principles of PIL in India.

A detailed review of the book may be found here.