Private International Law Seminar, Madrid 2011

On 24 and 25 March, 2011, a new edition of the Private International Law Seminar organized by Prof. Fernández Rozas and De Miguel Asensio will take place in Madrid. Supported this time by the European Commission and the Notary Association of Madrid, the Seminar is organized in coordination with the Anuario Español de Derecho Internacional Privado, where most of the contributions will be published later this year.

As in previous editions, the Seminar, which has become one of the most successful events in the field of conflict of laws in Spain, will be held at the Complutense University. It will bwe structured in five sessions: family and successions, interregional conflicts, obligations, company law, and a final panel on harmonization of international business law. The conference will bring together numerous experts, academics and lawyers from more than fifteen countries. Spanish, English and French will be spoken -though no translation is provided. The full programme can be found here 

Madrid 2011

and registration (which is free) is now open.

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About Marta Requejo

Marta Requejo is a senior researcher fellow of the Max Planck Institute Max Planck Institute Luxembourg for International, European and Regulatory Procedural Law. She obtained her law degree from the University of Santiago after spending a year at the University of Le Mans (France) as an Erasmus student; she holds a Doctorate (European Doctorate) from Santiago de Compostela University. Tenured lecturer since 2001, she qualified for access to senior professorship in September 2011. Her primary teaching and research interests are conflict of laws, international litigation, and international commercial law. She has been visitor for researching purposes at the Max Planck Institute on Foreign and Private International Law (Hamburg, Germany), the Institut Suisse de Droit Comparé (Lausanne, Switzerland), the Paris-Pantheon University and the BIICL; also visiting professor at the Paris-Panthéon University. So far she has published four monographs: "Ley local y forma de los actos en el Derecho internacional privado español", 418 pp; "Proceso en el extranjero y medidas antiproceso (antisuit injunctions)", 282 pp; "La cesión de créditos en el comercio internacional", 281 pp; "Violaciones graves de derechos humanos y responsabilidad civil", 369 pp. She is also author of several articles printed in collective works, and numerous papers in law journals, mainly Spanish ones, like the Revista Española de Derecho Internacional or Diario La Ley, but also in foreign magazins like The European Legal Forum or Era Forum. She belongs to the Group of research De Conflictu Legum.

4 thoughts on “Private International Law Seminar, Madrid 2011

  1. Richard Frimston

    I understand that the draft Rome IV Regulation on the effects of marriage and registered partnerships on property rights, will be published on 16 March 2011. Nicely timed for this conference.

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  3. Michael Hellner

    However, I’m not sure that the name Rome IV will be used for matrimonial property regimes (and registered partnerships). I recall that back in the beginning of the new millenium we used ‘Rome IV’ to signify Succession & Wills but the name seems too narrow and restricted to choice of law.

  4. Richard Frimston

    I always thought that the Succession (& Wills if now to be added back in again) Regulation might be called Brussels IV. The Regulation on matrimonial property regimes was to be called Brussels III, but Rome IV now seems to be favoured post Rome III.
    Perhaps it is time for some other European cities to get a look in.

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