Arbitration Academy: Summer Courses 2011


An International Academy for Arbitration Law will be launched in Paris in July 2011.

 The Academy is an initiative of the French Arbitration Committee (Comité Français de l’Arbitrage (CFA)) and is presided by Professor Emmanuel Gaillard. The Board of Directors is composed of the Academy’s President, Alexandre Hory and Yas Banifatemi as co- Secretary Generals, Jean-Georges Betto as Treasurer, Professor Marie- Elodie Ancel and Professor Jean-Baptiste Racine as members of the Selection Committee, and Maitre Philippe Leboulanger as Chair of the CFA. The Academy also has a Board of Advisors which includes Professor George Abi-Saab (Egypt), Professor Liza Chen (China), Professor Eros Grau (Brazil), Professor Horacio Grigera Naon (Argentina), Judge Gilbert Guillaume (France), Professor Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler (Switzerland), Professor Alexander Komarov (Russian Federation), Professor Pierre Mayer (France), Professor Michael Reisman (USA), Professor Dorothé Sossa (Benin), Professor Christoph Schreuer (Austria), and V.V. Veeder QC (UK).

The Academy will offer three-week Summer Courses to students and young practitioners interested in the field, covering both international commercial  arbitration and international investment arbitration. The Summer Courses will be given in Paris from 4 July to 22 July 2011, and will be offered in English. They will include a General Course, Special Courses, Workshops on institutional arbitration, an Inaugural Lecture and The Berthold Goldman Lecture on historic arbitration stories.

For the first Session of the Academy in 2011, the General Course will be taught by Professor Christoph Schreuer. The Special Courses will be taught by Professor George Bermann, Professor Pierre- Marie Dupuy, Professor Diego Fernandez Arroyo, Professor François Knoepfler, Professor Pierre Mayer, Dr. Klaus Sachs, and Maître Michael Schneider. The 2011 Workshops will be offered by ICSID, ICC , and the PCA. The Inaugural Lecture will be delivered by Professor Pierre Lalive on the topic “Is Arbitration a Form of International Justice?”. The Berthold Goldman Lecture on historic arbitration stories will be given by V.V.  Veeder QC on the Lena Goldfield arbitration.

 Interested students and young practitioners are invited to apply to the Academy by April 30, 2011. The Application Form and the complete Program can be viewed on the Academy’s Website at

Many thanks to Marie-Élodie Ancel.