Belgian Book on International Family Law


A Belgian book on International Family Law (Relations familiales internationales – L’actualité vue par la pratique) was recently published by Anthemis publishers.

This book which is the result of the joint efforts of 5 young authors who combine academic expertise with practical experience of international family law disputes, takes a practical approach to the most common international family law issues which may arise in Belgium. Looking at recent case law and developments in both the EU and the Hague Conference, the book offers students, practitioners and interested readers insight into the cross-border relationships between spouses and partners and between parents and children. In order to offer the reader the most practical information, the book is framed around 50 practical cases, inspired by case law and the practical experience of the authors. These cases are discussed with a view to outline the reasoning which must be followed to determine which court has jurisdiction, which law will apply and how to cope with a foreign judgment.

Among the issues discussed by the authors are child abduction, cross-border adoption, foreign surrogacy agreements, recognition of foreign repudiation. In analyzing these issues, the authors take into account the latest case law on international instruments such as the Brussels IIbis Regulation and various Hague Conventions.

P. Wautelet (ed.), International Family law in practice, Anthemis publishers, 72 EUR, ISBN 978-2-87455-225-0.

The book is written in French.

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  1. Mahler Family Law says:

    What an insightful perspective – looking through the lens of both academia and family law practice. Our French isn’t fabulous, so we’d be very keen to purchase a copy in English.

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