American Society of International Law Call for Proposals


Many of our readers will be interested to know that the American Society of International Law is looking for proposals for its Annual Meeting program.  Here is the announcement:

“ASIL welcomes ideas from its members for the 105th Annual Meeting program, Harmony and Dissonance in International Law. To view the 2011 theme statement, click here”

“The aim of the Annual Meeting is to promote discussion of important topics by including a range of voices and perspectives. To this end, the ASIL Program Committee relies on the submissions process to identify important topics and knowledgeable speakers. The Program Committee will then create a program with the following goals in mind.

*     Ensuring coverage of a wide range of important topics of current interest to ASIL members.

*     Ensuring wide participation by individuals from a variety of backgrounds, both within each Annual Meeting and across Annual Meetings.

*     Ensuring a place in the program for sessions organized by ASIL Interest Groups.”

“Please be aware that, even if your proposal is included in some form in the final program, it may differ significantly from the original proposal out of a desire to achieve these three goals. The Program Committee will inform proposers by email about the status of their proposal(s) by late August.”

“In order to suggest a topic or paper to the Program Committee, please click here The deadline for submissions is Monday, June 28, 2010.”