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Brussels I Review: Responses to the Commission’s Green Paper

The contributions received by the European Commission in response to the Green Paper on the review of the Brussels I reg. (published in April 2009 together with the Commission’s report on its application: see our post here) have been recently published on the DG FSJ website.

Over 120 contributions have been collected, from Member States’ governments, parliaments and other public authorities, third States (Switzerland), commercial, financial and civil society organisations, NGOs, and the legal and academic sector.

Readers of this blog had the opportunity to read in draft the excellent contribution prepared by Andrew Dickinson, and some comments and responses to his analysis (see this post by Prof. Jonathan Hill and this one by Martin Illmer and Ben Steinbrück).

Among the recent academic initiatives on the review of reg. 44/2001, see also our post on the latest issue of IPRax (2/2010), where some of the papers presented at the conference held in Heidelberg in December 2009 have been published. A two-day conference, organized by the Spanish Presidency of the EU, will be held in Madrid on 15 and 16 March 2010: “Bruselas I: La reforma de la litigación internacional en Europa“.

(Many thanks to Federico GarauConflictus Legum – and Rafael ArenasÀrea de Dret Internacional Privat)