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Choice of law in commercial contracts and regulatory competition: new steps to be made by the EU?

The recently published study titled ‘European Commercial Contract Law’, authored by Andrea Bertolini, addresses the theme of regulatory competition. It offers new policy recommendations to improve EU legal systems’ chances of being chosen as the law governing commercial contracts.


The Study’s main question

The European Parliament’s Committee on Legal Affairs has published a new study authored by Andrea Bertolini, titled ‘European Commercial Contract Law’ (the ‘Study’). The Study formulates the main question as follows: ‘why the law chosen in commercial contracts is largely non-European and non-member state law’. The expression ‘non-European and non-member state’ law is specified as denoting the legal systems of England and Wales, the United States, and Singapore, and more generally, common law legal systems. The Study states:

It is easily observed how most often international contracts are governed by non-European law. The reasons why this occurs are up to debate and could be quite varied both in nature and relevance. Indeed, a recent study by Singapore Academy of Law (SAL) found that 43 per cent of commercial practitioners and in-house counsel preferred English law as the governing law of the contracts. Read more

Conference: “The Making of European Private Law: Why, How, What, Who” (Rome, 9-11 May 2012)

On 9-11 May 2012 the University of “Roma Tre” will host an international conference on the current issues and perspectives of European Private Law, organized by the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence “Altiero Spinelli” (CEAS): “The Making of European Private Law: Why, How, What, Who”. Here’s the programme (available for download on the registration page):

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

(Venue: “Roma Tre” University – Aula Magna Rettorato, Via Ostiense 159)

Registration (16,00-16,30)

Opening session (16,30 – 16,45)

  • Guido Fabiani, Rector, “Roma Tre” University
  • Savino Mazzamuto, Secretary of State, Ministry of Justice, “Roma Tre” University

The Europeanisation of private law: problems and perspectives (16,45-18,30)

Chair: Antonio Tizzano, European Court of Justice


  • Ole Lando, Copenaghen Business School
  • Bénédicte Fauvarque-Cosson, “Panthéon-Assas” University (Paris II)
  • Guido Alpa, “Sapienza” University of Rome
  • Pietro Rescigno, “Sapienza” University of Rome

– – – – – –

Thursday, 10 May 2012

(Venue: “Roma Tre” University – Aula Magna Rettorato, Via Ostiense 159)

The ‘legal basis’ of European private law in the light of the EU constitutionali­sa­­tion (09,30 – 11,30)

Chair: Luigi Moccia, “Roma Tre” University


  • Mads Andenas, University of Oslo
  • Martijn Hesselink, University of Amsterdam
  • Hans Micklitz, European University Institute, Florence
  • Christiane Wendehorst, University of Vienna

The ‘instruments’ for implementing European private law (11,45 – 13,30)

Chair: Angelo Davì, “Sapienza” University of Rome


  • Hugh Beale, University of Warwick
  • Fabrizio Cafaggi, European University Institute, Florence
  • Reiner Schulze, University of Münster
  • Verica Trstenjak, European Court of Justice

The relationship between European private law and the international unification of private law (15,30 – 17,30)

Chair: Joachim Bonell, “Sapienza” University of Rome


  • Fernando Gomez, “Complutense” University of Madrid
  • Morten Fogt, Aarhus University
  • Sergio Marchisio, “Sapienza” University of Rome
  • Renaud Sorieul, UNCITRAL

European consumer law and its consolidation (17,45 – 19,30)

Chair: Diego Corapi, “Sapienza” University of Rome


  • Luc Grymbaum, “René Descartes” University (Paris V)
  • Hans Schulte-Nölke, University of Osnabruck
  • Simon Whittaker, Oxford University
  • Vincenzo Zeno-Zencovich, “Roma Tre” University

– – – – – –

Friday, 11 May 2012 

(Venue: Sala “Pio X”, Via Borgo S. Spirito 80)

European property law: issues and projects (09,30 – 11,30)

Chair: Adolfo Di Majo, “Roma Tre” University


  • Ulrich Drobnig, Max Planck Institute for Private Law, Hamburg
  • Brigitta Lurger, University of Graz
  • Sjef van Erp, University of Maastricht
  • Francesco Paolo Traisci, University of Molise, Campobasso

European contract law: issues and projects (11,45 – 13,30)

Chair: Guido Alpa, “Sapienza” University of Rome


  • Eric Clive, University of Edinburgh
  • Marco Loos, University of Amsterdam
  • Jerzy Pisulinski, University of Warsaw
  • Anna Veneziano, University of Teramo

Common European Sales Law: the Commission proposal and the role of stakeholders


  • Andrea Zoppini, Secretary of State, Ministry of Justice, University “Roma Tre”
  • Luigi Berlinguer, Member of the European Parliament
  • Mihaela Carpus-Carcea, European Commission, DG Justice


  • Ettore Battelli, “Roma Tre” University, Unioncamere stakeholder
  • Oreste Calliano, University of Torino, CEDIC director
  • Antonio Longo, Consumers’ representative, EESC member

Each session will be ended by discussion. Working language will be English (French allowed): no simultaneous translation will be provided. Conference works will be video-recorded and made available on CeAS website.

Conference: “Tendenze e resistenze all’uniformazione del diritto privato e del diritto processuale civile nell’Unione europea” (Padova, 17-18 September)

UniPD-LogoGiurisOn 17 and 18 September 2009 the Faculty of Law of the University of Padova, in collaboration with the Bar Councils of Padova and Triveneto, will host an international conference on current trends and resistances in the uniformization of European private law and civil procedural law, organised by Profs. Marco De Cristofaro and M. Laura Picchio Forlati on the occasion of the 19th annual meeting of the European Group for Private International Law (GEDIP-EGPIL): “Tendenze e resistenze all’uniformazione del diritto privato e del diritto processuale civile nell’Unione europea“. Here’s the programme (.pdf version):

First session – Thursday 17 September (h 15-18): Diritto internazionale privato e diritto uniforme alla prova del diritto europeo dei contratti

Chair: Nicolò Lipari (Univ. of Rome “La Sapienza”)

  • Andrea Giardina (Univ. of Rome “La Sapienza”): Il concorso di metodi alternativi di uniformazione nel diritto europeo dei contratti;
  • Jürgen Basedow (Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law, Hamburg): Lex mercatoria e diritto internazionale privato europeo dei contratti – un’analisi economica;
  • Fabrizio Marrella (Univ. of Venice): L’autonomia contrattuale tra diritto internazionale privato europeo e codice europeo dei contratti;
  • Erik Jayme (Univ. of Heidelberg): La violazione del diritto d’autore: giurisdizione e legge applicabile (Bruxelles I, Roma I e II).

Second session – Friday 18 September (h 9.30-13): Il mutuo riconoscimento delle sentenze straniere nel confronto/scontro tra diritto processuale inglese e diritti processuali continentali

Chair: Kurt Siehr (Univ. of Zürich)

  • Trevor Hartley (London School of Economics and Political Science): Asset freezing orders in the context of recognizing judgments from other EU States and from third countries;
  • Alberto Malatesta (University “Carlo Cattaneo” – LIUC of Castellanza): Il riconoscimento delle sentenze rese dal giudice competente a norma della Convenzione dell’Aja sulla scelta del foro;
  • Andrea Gattini (Univ. of Padova): Il riconoscimento in Europa delle sentenze in tema di punitive damages;
  • Marco De Cristofaro (Univ. of Padova): Ordine pubblico processuale e riconoscimento ed esecuzione delle decisioni nello spazio giudiziario europeo.

Further information and an online registration procedure are available on the conference’s webpage.

(Many thanks to Prof. Fabrizio Marrella)