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Out Now: Lukas/Geroldinger, ABGB-Kommentar, 4th ed 2023 on Austrian PIL (written by Heindler and Verschraegen)

Authored by Bea Verschraegen and Florian Heindler, the Austrian Publishing House MANZ published on 1 December 2023 an Article-by-Article Commentary in two Volumes on the entire Private International Law applicable in Austria. The volumes include, in particular, the Rome Regulations (I–III), the Succession and the Matrimonial Property Regulation, the Hague Maintenance Protocol, the Hague Conventions on the Protection of Adults, on the Protection of Children, Adoption, Child Abduction and Traffic Accidents as well as the Austrian Private International Law Act. The two volumes with 1840 pages are edited by Peter Rummel, Meinhard Lukas and Andreas Geroldinger.