Proving Chinese Law: Deference to the Submissions from Chinese Government?

Written by Dr. Jie (Jeanne) Huang, Senior Lecturer, University of New South Wales Faculty of Law The recent U.S. Supreme Court case, Animal Science Products, Inc. v. Hebei Welcome Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, concerns what weight should be given to the Chinese government’s submission of Chinese law. On Page 58 of the trial transcript, Justices Kagan […]

Who Owns

France is a state., by contrast, is a domain name, and it was, until recently, owned not by the French state but instead by a Californian company,, Inc. That conflict is now being litigated in a fascinating dispute  reminiscent of the early days of the internet. In those early days, in 1994 to […]

The Supreme Court deals the death blow to US Human Rights Litigation

Written by Bastian Brunk, research assistant and doctoral student at the Institute for Comparative and Private International Law at the University of Freiburg (Germany) On April 24, the Supreme Court of the United States released its decision in Jesner v Arab Bank (available


Just released: Lenka Válková on ‘Choice-of-Court Agreements under the EU Regulations in Family and Succession Matters’

A comprehensive and detailed volume by Dr. Lenka Válková was just released providing a dedicated analysis of the private international law framework as it applies to jurisdiction agreements in the framework of the EU Regulations in family and succession matters. The blurb reads: Party autonomy has been traditionally considered as one of the leading principles […]

Greek court recognizes UK custody order to the non-biological parent in the context of a married same-sex couple

Greece still forms part of the EU Member States group not recognizing same-sex marriage. Same-sex couples do enjoy however some rights. The latest challenging issue concerned custody rights of a same-sex couple married abroad. The Thessaloniki Court of Appeal reversed the first instance ruling, and recognized an English custody order [Thessaloniki CoA, decision published on […]