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Now available online: RabelsZ, Issue 2/2020

The second 2020 issue of RabelsZ is now available online. It features two essays as well as the contributions to a Symposium on career paths into legal academia held at the Max Institute in June 2019:

Lord Hodge, The Scope of Judicial Law-Making in the Common Law Tradition, pp. 211 et seq

Judge-made law is an independent source of law in common law systems. To jurists brought up in legal systemswhich have codified law, this is one of the striking features of the common law tradition. Instead of interpreting a code to develop the law, common law judges develop the law which their predecessors have made. While statute law nowimpinges on many areas of private law, large tracts of our private law remain predominantly the product of judicialdecisions. [In this contribution] I wish to discuss some of the areas of private law which have been and remainpredominantly judge-made and the limits in the common law tradition on judicial law-making.

The VW NOx Emissions Group Litigation, [2019] EWHC 783(QB), and (some aspects of) CoL

Yesterday, the High Court of London decided two preliminary issues in a large group action, certified as a Group Litigation Order (sub no. 105), brought by about 91,000 owners or lessees of VW, Audi, Skoda and SEAT cars. The claim is brought, against the manufacturers of the affected vehicles (VW, Audi, Skoda, and SEAT), against the relevant VW financial services arm and against a variety of authorised UK based VW dealers. Article 8 no. 1 of the Brussels Ibis Regulation will have been of relevance to the foreign ones amongst the defendants. No express explanations are offered how claimants eligible for the UK group litigation are determined – presumably it depends on where the car was bought.

CoL Maintenance / Email List

Dear CoL Readers,

You will have experienced a few irregularities during the last week: Some posts had disappeared for a few days and were then re-posted and, as such, sent out again. This was due to the transfer of CoL to our new server which is now completed. In this process, we also worked over the mailing list and removed some old email addresses that appeared to us as defunct. Now everything should be fine. Nevertheless, please take a few seconds to check whether you still get our daily email with the latest blog entries. If not, just register anew for our newsletter, if you like, or contact us.