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Is Tessili still good law?

by Felix M. Wilke, University of Bayreuth, Germany Most readers of this blog will be well aware that, according to the ECJ, the “place of performance” of a contractual obligation within the meaning of Article 7(1)(a) Brussels Ibis is not a concept to be understood independently from national law. Rather, in order to determine this […]

Brexit: The Spectre of Reciprocity Evoked Before German Courts

The following post has been written by Ennio Piovesani, PhD Candidate at the Universities of Turin and Cologne. While negotiations for an agreement on the future partnership between the EU and the UK are pending, a spectre haunts Europe: reciprocity. I. The Residual Role of the Requirement of Reciprocity In some EU Member States, provisions […]

Out now: Rome I and Rome II in Practice

Rome I and Rome II in Practice, a volume edited by Emmanuel Guinchard focusing on the application of the theoretically uniform rules of Rome I and Rome II by the national courts of the Member States, has recently been published by Intersentia. A true treasure trove for scholars of comparative private international law, the book […]