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Call for papers – Minor’s right to information in European civil actions: Improving children’s right to information in cross-border civil cases

The right of children to receive adequate information in civil proceedings involving them represents a cornerstone of child participation, as well as a fundamental right of the child. The contact of children with the judicial system represents one of the most delicate situations where the child’s best interests and wellbeing should be of special attention. […]

The Italian Supreme Court on Competence and Jurisdiction in Flight Cancellation Claims

The case In a recent decision deposited 5 November 2020 (ordinanza 24632/20), the Italian Supreme Court has returned on the competent court in actions by passengers against air carriers following cancellation of flights. The case is quite straightforward and can be summarized as follows: (i) passengers used a travel agency in Castello (province of Perugia) […]

Call for Participation in a Questionnaire on Children’s Rights

The Universities of Genoa, Valencia, Turiba, the Institute of Private International Law in Sofia, the European Association for Family and Succession Law, and Defence for Children Italy are currently conducting a research Project to collect and develop best practices on the right of the child to information in cross-border family proceedings. The “MiRI Project” (Minor’s […]

Brexit and Cross-Border Insolvency

The latest issue of the Italian Journal Diritto del commercio internazionale (34.1/2020) features an article (in English) on “Brexit and Cross-Border Insolvency Looking Beyond the Withdrawal Agreement” written by Antonio Leandro (University of Bari). The abstract of the article reads as follows: “The UK and the EU have concluded the Withdrawal Agreement which officially triggers […]