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Masri Settles

The extraordinarily long-running litigation in Masri v Consolidated Contractors is over – the parties have settled. Brick Court (which represented the ‘successful’ claimant) has a useful summary of the various judgments of the English courts in Masri over the last five years. [Thanks to Tom Cleaver for the tip-off.]

Clarkson & Hill, The Conflict of Laws (4th edn OUP, 2011)

Those who teach or study in private international law will be interested to know that Chris Clarkson and Jonathan Hill have published the 4th edition of their excellent student text on The Conflict of Laws. From the blurb:  Read more… Covers the basic principles of the conflict of laws in a succinct and approachable style […]

Book: Maher and Rodger on Civil Jurisdiction in the Scottish Courts

Gerry Maher (Edinburgh) and Barry Rodger (Strathclyde) have published Civil Jurisdiction in the Scottish Courts (W. Green, 2010). Here’s the blurb: The last comprehensive survey of the law on civil jurisdiction in Scotland, by Duncan & Dykes, was published in 1911. Given the major developments in the law since then, the legal market in Scotland […]

Book: From House of Lords to Supreme Court (including Article by Briggs)

Hart Publishing has recently published an edited collection entitled From House of Lords to Supreme Court: Judges, Jurists and the Process of Judging, edited by James Lee (University of Birmingham), celebrating the transition from the House of Lords to the new United Kingdom Supreme Court. The book includes an essay by Adrian Briggs, entitled ‘The […]