Second Issue of Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quaterly for 2023


The second issue of Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly for 2023 was published today. It contains the following private international law articles, case notes, and book reviews:

PS Davies & D Foxton, “A View from Westbridge – Arbitrability in the Singapore Court of Appeal”

H Sanderson, “The Divine Comity”

P MacMahon, “Conditional Agreements and Arbitration Law’s Seperability Principle”

A CY Chan & K KC Tse, “The Tort Gateway: The Missing Jigsaw Piece?”

L Zhao & Z Jing, “Conflict of Jurisdiction between the UK and China and Enforcement of Arbitral awards and Judgments”

A Briggs, Book Review of “The UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration: A Commentary” by Gilles Cuniberti

A Briggs, Book Review of “Freezing Injunctions in Private International Law” by F Šaranovi?