Out Now: Fabrizio Marrella, “Diritto del commercio internazionale / International Business Law”, 3rd edition 2023


The third edition of Fabrizio Marrella’s textbook on international business law has recently published by Wolters Kluwers/Cedam.

Diritto del commercio internazionale

The author (Vice-Rector and Chair of International Law at “Cà Foscari” University of Venice, Italy) has kindly provided the following summary for our readers:

After an historical introduction and a clear systematic analysis of key actors and sources of International Business Law, the book focuses on transnational contracts and commercial relationships of companies by deepening international sales (including the first applications of Incoterms ® 2020), contracts of international transport, insurance, commercial distribution, payments and bank guarantees. The leading methodology used by the Author is that of private international law and best operational practices.

The book also sets out the regulation of foreign direct investment in the light of the latest new regulatory and case-law developments. In the final part, the work examines, in one section, ADR mechanisms together with international arbitration and, in the final section, the most relevant international civil procedure rules for businesses.

The book can be found at the publisher’s website here.