Out Now: 3rd Edition of Ostendorf, Internationale Wirtschaftsverträge


Internationale Wirtschaftsverträge ediAbbildung von Ostendorf | Internationale Wirtschaftsverträge | 3. Auflage | 2023 | beck-shop.deted by Patrick Ostendorf (Berlin University of Applied Sciences) but otherwise exclusively written by practitioners occupies a unique position with the German literature on international transactions. It is undeniably aimed at practitioners, featuring a great number of check lists, English sample clauses, and practical tips. Accordingly, most of the book is structured around specific elements of international contracts such as penalties (ch. 6), indemnities (ch. 7), limitations of liability (ch. 8), force majeure (ch. 10), choice of law (ch. 13) and so on. In addition, the book features a number of cross-cutting chapters dedicated to particular types of contracts (ch. 18–23). But despite this hands-on approach, the book’s authors reflect on, and draw from, a wealth of academic material, which they condense into immediately applicable guidance.

Although coming out a mere five years after the previous edition, the third editions contains significant updates to most chapters in light of Brexit, Covid 19, Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the updates to Incoterms (2020) and the ICC Arbitration Rules (2021), and some significant legislative activity in Germany and Europe, e.g. with regard to international supply chains. Of course, these rapid developments make the book all the more useful for German lawyers navigating the high seas of international transactions.