Peter Mankowski (†)


It is with great sadness that we share the news that Professor Peter Mankowski, one of Germany’s eminent private international law scholars, died on 10 February 2022 at the age of 55.

Until his death Peter Mankowski was a Professor of Private International Law at the University of Hamburg. He was the editor of several commentaries as well as the author of several monographs, a 2-volume textbook and (literally) countless law review articles covering the full range of private international law. His productivity, originality and creativity were unparalleled. But above all he was an inspiring person and a great colleague (and mentor).

His untimely death is an incredible loss for the private international law community.

Our thoughts are with his family.

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  1. Laura Carballo Piñeiro says:

    Very sad news. He was devoted to, and passionated about, his work like anyone else. His generosity in sharing his rich knowledge, well beyond German Private international law, will be greatly missed. As his peculiar sense of humour will be.. May he rest in peace.

  2. Chukwuma Okoli says:

    This is very sad news. I met Professor Mankowski once in Hamburg but we never spoke. He did a review on one of my books which I learnt a lot from. He was also on a project I participated in while I was in Netherlands.

    I have read some of Professor Mankowski’s works. He was a true Private International Law giant. He will be missed greatly, and his works will continue to speak with great volume for a very long time.

  3. Xandra Kramer says:

    Very sad news indeed. He was one of the giants in private international law and civil procedure, very productive and devoted. I will remember his kind patience and dedication as an editor. He will be missed by the PIL community. Rest in peace.

  4. Luís de Lima Pinheiro says:

    I am very sad to hear this news. Peter was a distinguished scholar who I met often in Hamburg and who co-edited the EPIL Commentaries to which I contributed. A great loss for the Private International Law scientific community. My deep condolences to his family.

  5. Aukje van Hoek says:

    Peter and I met many years ago and shared an interest in the intricacies of private international law in the field of labour relations. I was always happy to receive his interesting and meticulous case notes, hear him talk at conferences and join him in one of his projects. It is difficult to realize that all that won’t happen again. Gone much too early – he will be dearly missed.

  6. Patrick Wautelet says:

    Such sad news! We lose a brilliant colleague, whose tireless activity has greatly contributed to the emergence of a true European community of private international law scholars. His scholarship will continue to inspire in the years to come!

  7. Michael Bogdan says:

    A great loss for the private international law community and a personal loss for all who knew him.

  8. hans van loon says:

    A great loss and shocking news: we were working together on an ongoing project. An incredibly prolific scholar, with a mastery of many areas of law, which he understood not as an isolated discipline, but in its wider socio-economic and cultural context. An amiable man, with a twinkle in his eye. Despite his passing, Peter Mankowski will remain a lasting source of inspiration

  9. Rafael Arenas García says:

    I have never met Prof. Mankowski, but I can only thank his contribution to Private International Law, one of the most important in the last decades. A formidable insight and comprenhension of the PIL, based on an exhaustive work with normative sources and legal doctrine, crowned by origanilty and the subtle capacity of connecting different parts of his vast knowledge on law and other fields.
    A truly great jurist of all times who has shared his years with us.
    Sit sibi terra levis, may his memory remain with us

  10. Andreas Bucher says:

    I am profoundly hurted by Peter’s passing. I met him only two or three times, allways so kind and open minded. I know many of his rightings, full of such an incredible amount of knowledge. My thoughts are with the family. And a wish for our community to stay together and focus on the true questions of our lives.

  11. Maciej Szpunar says:

    I have never met Professor Mankowski in person. We only knew each other through correspondence, but his works were always an important point of reference for me and – I believe – for other members of the Court of Justice. This is a great loss for the European doctrine of private international law. His excellent analyses will remain with us forever.

  12. Juliana Mörsdorf says:

    I met him. And I met a polite, humble, open-minded and literate person with whom you like to spend time. He had already been a wise man at young age and he somewhat preserved that boyish appearance, when his time on earth has now so suddenly come to an end. For us, it will feel surreal to open up law reviews with never again being able to find a fresh comment of Mankowski on new case law, providing crystal clear explanations combined with a focused and thorough analysis and an easy command of the most complex legal concepts, as well as a solid common sense. Comments on which we could rely, which is also true for the impressive comprehensive works that he published. His Habilitationsschrift starts out with the adage “a man, a word”. Peter Mankowski’s commitment was excellent academic analysis of law and he kept his word. His far too early death hurts. RIP!

  13. Prof. Dr. Nuray Eksi says:

    The International Private Law family deeply feels the sadness of losing a valuable member who nurtures this field with his hundreds of works. I met with Professor Makowski in Osnabrück at Prof. von Bar’s Institute. He remains as a typical example to everyone with his endless work determination.

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