Koç University Law School is pleased to invite applications for the case law symposium on recent developments in domestic, international, and foreign judiciaries which will be held on 7 October 2022.

The aim of the symposium is the legal analysis of domestic, international, and foreign court decisions in all fields of law that are new and impactful for legal interpretation and application. Researchers who will make presentations are encouraged to make not only the normative analysis of single or multiple judicial or quasi-judicial decisions based on qualitative or quantitative methods, but also their evaluation from comparative, historical, socio-economic, critical theories of law or other relevant perspectives. In terms of ensuring thematic diversity in participation, it is aimed to include varieties of jurisprudence, methodological approaches, and perspectives in the symposium.

Those who will present papers at the symposium are required to have a doctorate degree in the field of law or social or human sciences related to the case law they will present, or to be at the doctoral thesis stage.

Speakers may present their submissions either in Turkish or in English.

The symposium will be held online. Abstracts of approximately 500-700 words should be submitted to ook@ku.edu.tr by Friday, 15 September 2022. The application should include personal (name, surname and affiliation) and contact (e-mail, phone) information of the applicant. Applications are free of charge.

Applications will be evaluated by the scientific committee and accepted abstracts will be published with the program of the symposium within a few weeks after the application deadline. The accepted abstracts will also be published in a booklet.


Scientific Committee (Listed Alphabetically)

Prof. Dr. S. Anlam ALTAY (Galatasaray University)

Prof. Dr. Taner AYANOGLU (Bilgi University)

Prof. Dr. Nur CENTEL (Koç University)

Prof. Dr. Tankut CENTEL (Koç University)

Prof. Dr. Baki Ilkay ENGIN (Istanbul University)

Prof. Dr. Ozan ERÖZDEN (Mef University)

Prof. Johanna HJALMARSSON (Southampton University)

Prof. Marios IACOVIDES (Uppsala University)

Prof. Dr. Christoph KUMPAN (Bucerius Law School)

Prof. Randall LESSAFER (Tilburg University / Leuven University)

Prof. Dr. Halûk Nami NOMER (Istanbul Ayd?n University)

Prof. Dr. Hannes RÖSLER (Siegen University)

Prof. Dr. Zeynep Derya TARMAN (Koç University)

Prof. Jakup URBANIK (University of Warshaw)

Prof. Dr. Billur YALTI (Koç University)

Prof. Dr. Veliye YANLI (Bilgi University)

Prof. Dr. Nevhis Deren YILDIRIM (Koç University)

Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Bertil Emrah ODER (Koç University)

Doç. Dr. R. Murat ÖNOK (Koç University)

Dr. Ögr. Üyesi Cem VEZIROGLU (Koç University)

Ar. Gör. Abdurrahman KAYIKLIK (Koç University)

Ar. Gör. Orcan OK (Koç University)

Contact Person

Ar. Gör. Orcan OK (ook@ku.edu.tr)