International Journal of Procedural Law issue 1 for 2022: New Journal and New Issue


The International Journal of Procedural Law is a new  multilingual journal that provides an international research platform for scholars and practitioners in the field of procedural law, especially in civil matters.

The following papers were published in this issue:


E Oteiza


A Nylund, “Introduction: Perspectives on Orality in Civil Proceedings”

FG Inchausti, “Challenges for Orality in Times of Remote Hearings: Efficiency, Immediacy and Public Proceedings”

MA Hjort, “Orality and Digital Hearings”

V Benabou and E Jeuland, “From the Principle of Immediacy to the Principle of Presence: A French Example and a Comparative Law Perspective”

A Nylund, “Oral Proceedings during the Preparatory Stage”

M Strandberg, “Immediacy, Orality and Appellate Proceedings”



Analyse Comparative/ Comparative Perspectives

C Wendelstein, “Online Trading of Cryptocurrencies: A European Civil Procedure Law Perspective”

TA Alvim et al, “Class Actions in Brazil”

MA Lupoi, “Grandes Décisions/Leading Cases”