ASADIP – Its annual conference has been rescheduled and recent activities


The American Association of Private International Law (ASADIP) has postponed its annual conference to a later date in 2021, given the current pandemic. The 2021 conference is entitled “Private International Law and Modern Technologies” and will be held on 4-5 November 2021 in Washington DC (USA). The venues of the conference will be Georgetown University and the Organization of American States (OAS). Blockchain technology and its interrelation with PIL features prominently in the general topics to be discussed. For more information, click here.

As regards recent activities, ASADIP has proudly announced the translation into Spanish of the article of Hans van Loon, former Secretary General of the HCCH, entitled “The Global Horizon of Private International Law: Inaugural Lecture” delivered during the Hague Academy’s Private International Law Session of 2015  (published in Recueil des cours Vol. 380, Pages 9-108, apparently only available in book form). The Spanish translation of Hans van Loon’s article is “El horizonte global del Derecho internacional privado” and is fully available here.