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The Mexican Academy of Private International and Comparative Law (AMEDIP) will be holding its XLII Seminar entitled “Towards an International Judicial Law ” at the Escuela Judicial del Estado de México in Toluca (Mexico) from 13 to 15 November 2019.

The seminar will focus on the draft National Code of Civil and Family Procedure and the draft National Law on Private International Law. The latter is an initiative of AMEDIP and has been drafted by professors Dr. Leonel Pereznieto Castro, Dr. Jorge Alberto Silva and Lic. Virginia Aguilar. These are two significant pieces of legislation and the seminar will analise how they would interact if they were passed by the Mexican Congress.

Potential speakers are invited to submit a paper in Spanish, English or Portuguese by 5 July 2019. Papers must comply with the criteria established by AMEDIP and will be evaluated accordingly. Selected speakers will be required to give their presentations preferably in Spanish as there will be no interpretation services but some exceptions may be made by the organisers upon request.

The final programme of the seminar will be made available at the end of October.

There is a registration fee of 300 Mexican pesos (approx. 14 Euros) for students and 800 Mexican pesos (approx. 37 Euros) for the general public. For speakers, the organisers will provide transportation from Mexico City and will cover hotel costs in Toluca.

For more detailed information (incl. convocation), see   Any queries, as well as registration requests, may be directed to