Out now: ZEuP 2019, Issue 2


The latest issue of ZEuP (Zeitschrift für Europäisches Privatrecht) has just been released. It features the following articles:

Christoph Teichmann/Andrea Götz: Metamorphosen des Europäischen Gesellschaftsrechts: SUP, Company Law Package und SPE 2.0

So far, European initiatives aimed at facilitating the regulatory framework for limited-liability companies, such as the SPE-Regulation and the SUP-Directive, have failed. Their failure, however, has fostered a deeper understanding of the regulatory issues. The authors illustrate this achievement by analysing the long and winding road of the SUP proposal. It paved the way for the “Company Law Package” (regarding digitalization) and it may even contribute to an updated SPE version (“SPE 2.0”).

Christian Schmitt/Julia Bhatti/Christian Storck: Die neue europäische Prospekt-Verordnung – ein großer Wurf?

The new EU Prospectus Regulation attempts at solving the conflict between investor protection and the opening of the capital market. It is an attempt to provide investors with clearer prospectus information, while making access to the capital markets easier for companies. However, new requirements will also create additional liability risks. The overall picture shows that although the Regulation does not represent a revolution, it does offer potential for an evolution of the EU prospectus regime.

John Bowers/ACL Davies/Ruth Dukes/Mark Freedland/Birke Häcker: Sir Otto Kahn-Freund QC (1900–1979): A Retrospective

The present contribution contains the presentations delivered at a symposium held in honour of Sir Otto Kahn-Freund QC at the University of Oxford. Kahn-Freund was a German labour lawyer from a Jewish family who emigrated to the United Kingdom in 1933. He became a founding father of modern British labour law and held professorships at the London School of Economics and the University of Oxford. 2019 marks the fortieth anniversary of his death.

Christian Kohler: Gelebte Rechtsvergleichung am EuGH – Europäisches Kollisionsrecht in Theorie und Praxis

Rosa Miquel Sala: Das Sechste Buch des katalanischen Zivilgesetzbuches: neues Kaufrecht unter europäischem Einfluss

The Sixth Book of the Catalan Civil Code has been in force since the 1st of January 2018, a decision of the Spanish Constitutional Court is pending. The new Book contains an exhaustive regulation of sales contracts following the European models. A modernisation of the law of obligations in the Spanish Civil Code taking into consideration the existing projects and maybe also the new Catalan rules should follow. Equally urgent is an amendment of the rules on intra-state conflicts of laws.