Issue International Business Courts – Erasmus Law Review


The latest issue of Erasmus Law Review, edited by Xandra Kramer and John Sorabji, is dedicated to International Business Courts. It contains eleven papers focusing on a specific jurisdiction or on horizontal issues, including on international jurisdiction and lawyers’ preferences in international litigation. The Introductory paper by the editors frames the discussion on international business courts, provides explanations for the rise of these courts in Europe and beyond, addresses aspects of
justice innovation and international competition, as well as the effect these new courts may have on
globalising commercial court litigation.

This issue of Erasmus Law Review results from the seminar ‘Innovating International Business
Courts: a European Outlook’ hosted by the Erasmus School of Law in Rotterdam, held on 10 July 2018, and coorganised by the Max Planck Institute for Procedural Law in Luxembourg and the Montaigne Centre for Rule of Law and Administration of Justice of Utrecht University. It includes the speaker contributions to that seminar and additional articles resulting from a call for papers on this blog.  The complete issue can be downloaded here. The table of contents is at the bottom of this post.

Similtaneously a book expanding on the topic and including views from twelve jurisdictions has just been published: International Business Courts: A European and Global Perspective  (eds. Xandra Kramer & John Sorabji), Eleven International Publishing 2019. (order form) The electronic version of this book will become available open access soon.

These publications result from and are financed by the ERC Consolidator project Building EU Civil Justice at the Erasmus School of Law in Rotterdam.

Table of contents Erasmus Law Review 2019(1) – International Business Courts

(1) International Business Courts in Europe and Beyond: A Global Competition for Justice?
Xandra Kramer & John Sorabji

(2) A View from the Business and Property Courts in London
Sir Geoffrey Vos

(3) Commercial Litigation in Europe in Transformation: The Case of the Netherlands Commercial Court
Eddy Bauw

(4) International Commercial Courts in France: Innovation without Revolution?
Alexandre Biard

(5) Chambers for International Commercial Disputes in Germany: The State of Affairs
Burkhard Hess & Timon Boerner

(6) The Brussels International Business Court: Initial Overview and Analysis
Erik Peetermans & Philippe Lambrecht

(7) Requirements upon Agreements in Favour of the NCC and the German Chambers – Clashing with the Brussels Ibis Regulation?
Georgia Antonopoulou

(8) Matchmaking International Commercial Courts and Lawyers’ Preferences in Europe
Erlis Themeli

(9) The Singapore International Commercial Court: The Future of Litigation?
Man Yip

(10) Joinder of Non-Consenting Parties: The Singapore International Commercial Court Approach Meets Transnational Recognition and Enforcement
Drossos Stamboulakis & Blake Crook

(11) The Emergence of International Commercial Courts in India: A Narrative for Ease of Doing Business?
Sai Ramani Garimella & M.Z. Ashraful

(12) The Court of the Astana International Financial Center in the Wake of Its Predecessors
Nicolas Zambrana-Tevar