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The European Conference on Mediation in Cross-Border Succession Conflicts invites mediators, legal practitioners, researchers, policymakers and citizens who are interested in succession mediation and cross-border mediation. The EU-funded project FOMENTO (Fostering mediation in cross-border civil and succession matters) aims to contribute to foster a widespread use of mediation as a cost-effective solution to prevent and solve international disputes in civil and succession matters. The conference will take place in Leipzig (Germany) on 26 June 2019. It is a possibility for mediators and jurists to get in contact and exchange experience in the field of succession conflicts. It also provides a venue for giving and receiving constructive feedback on research in progress, networking and discussions for the advancement of mediation across Europe. The main topics of the conference include

  • mediation in cross-border succession cases,
  • cross-border mediation
  • co-mediation in a cross-border context
  • online mediation

For the full programme and registration, please click here.