From the editors’ desk: Relaunch of!


Dear readers, has been around for 12 years by now. It has developed into one of the most relevant platforms for the exchange of information and the discussion of topics relating to conflict of laws in a broad sense. And while the world has changed a lot during the past 12 years the look of has basically remained the same. Today this is going to change:

We are happy to announce that has received a (slightly) new design!

As you will see, we have tried to keep the overall simple appearance of the blog while giving it a slightly more modern touch. As regards the structure, however, there is one major change. As of today, posts will come in two different categories: “views” and “news”. Under “views” posts with independent content (case notes, comments, etc.) will be displayed“. Posts under “news” will convey all sorts of information (relating to, for example, conference announcements, book releases, job vacancies, call for papers, etc.).

We hope that you will like the new design and find the new structure useful. Should you have any comments or experience problems please get in touch. Needless to say that the same holds true, if you wish to share “views” and “news”!

Best wishes and happy reading!

The editors