EU Public Consultation on the Service and Evidence Regulations


The European Commission has published a public consultation on the modernisation of judicial cooperation in civil and commercial matters in the EU (Revision of Regulation (EC) 1393/2007 on service of documents and Regulation (EC) 1206/2001 on taking of evidence).

As indicated in the survey, the aim of this public consultation is to collect stakeholders’ views in relation to the practical operation of the current legal framework of cross-border judicial cooperation in civil and commercial matters, with particular focus on the service of documents and taking of evidence. The consultation should help identify possible problems in connection with the operation of the co-operation mechanisms set by the two Regulations and of their relevance in terms of the establishment of a European area of justice. The consultation will also collect views on possible solutions to the problems identified. For further information, click here.

The public consultation will be open until Friday 2 March 2018. In my view, this is a very interesting and user-friendly survey and thus, I would encourage all of you who have any practical experience with these Regulations or just general interest in them to complete it.