Private International Law & the current migratory context: workshop 20 June 2017


The European Parliament’s Policy Department for Citizens Rights and Constitutional Affairs of the is organising a workshop on Potential and challenges of private international law in the current migratory context on 20 June 2017 from 3 to 6.30 p.m.

The reason behind the initiative for this workshop is the tensions and overlaps between the areas of private international law and migration law. These overlaps have become more visible in the context of recent increases of migration. Issues  include jurisdiction, cooperation between authorities, recognition of personal status, family tracing, child marriages, guardianship, kafala, the application of foreign law.

At the workshop two studies will be presented:

  • Private international law in a context of increasing international mobility: challenges and potential, and
  • Protecting children on the move: a private international law perspective.

For those readers unable to come to Brussels, the studies are available here and the event will be livestreamed here.