Out Now: Fainess – Justice – Equity – Festschrift für Reinhold Geimer zum 80. Geburtstag


On the occasion of his eightieth birthday on 30 July 2017, colleagues and friends have dedicated a liber amicorum to Professor Dr. Reinhold Geimer (University of Munich), who, as a Bavarian notary, is not only a highly respected legal practitioner, but also one of Germany’s most prolific and influential academic writers on international civil procedure. The Festschrift is edited by Reinhold Geimer’s good friend, co-editor and colleague Professor Dr. Rolf A Schütze (Tübingen/Stuttgart) and published by C.H. Beck (Munich; ISBN: 9783406710384). It contains more than 60 contributions (in German language), mostly on European and international civil procedural law, and totals 837 pages. A must-read for anyone interested in the subject! Further details will be available soon on the publisher’s website here.