Out now: Matthias Weller (ed.), Europäisches Kollisionsrecht (2016)


Weller KollR Professor Dr. Matthias Weller, European Business Law School-University of Wiesbaden (Germany), has edited and co-authored a new volume on European Conflict of Laws (in German): Europäisches Kollisionsrecht (Nomos; Baden-Baden, 2016). The volume contains contributions by Weller himself (on the general principles of European private international law), by Dr. Carl Friedrich Nordmeier (on Rome I, marital property and succession) and by Dr. David Bittmann (on Rome II and III as well as on the Maintenance Regulation and the Hague Protocol). The Book provides the reader with a survey on the current state of the art in European choice of law that is both up-to-date and analytical. Weller’s introduction in particular offers a fascinating treatment of the emerging general part of European PIL. Highly recommended!

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