TDM 6 (2014) – Dispute Resolution from a Corporate Perspective


TDM has just published a special issue entitled “Dispute Resolution from a Corporate Perspective,” edited by Kai-Uwe Karl (General Electric), Abhijit Mukhopadhyay (Hinduja Group) and Heba Hazzaa (Cairo University). As the title reflects, this issue brings the corporate voice to the debate about reforming alternative dispute resolution and effective conflict management.

It is no surprise that corporations expect a “service provider” mindset from the legal profession, and lawyers from both sides of the corporate structure tend to respond differently to those needs. Legal “re”training is inevitable if lawyers are observing the emerging trends in conflict resolution. After years of arbitration reign in the world of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), we are witnessing a rise in mediation and negotiations. This development affects legal training and practice in numerous ways. As we see throughout the special, corporate perspective prompts innovation in dispute resolution management in a variety of ways.

Here are the contents of this special issue:


Introduction TDM Special issue on “Dispute Resolution from a Corporate Perspective”
by H. Hazzaa
K. Karl, GE Oil & Gas
A. Mukhopadhyay, Hinduja Group


Inside Counsel Should be Active in Mediation
by D.H. Burt, DuPont Company

Business Mediation, ADR and Conflict Management in the German Corporate Sector – Status, Development & Outlook
by L. Kirchhoff, Institute for Conflict Management, European University Viadrina
J. Klowait, Consulting Dr. Klowait

Case Management in Transnational Disputes: The Benefits of Having a Litigation Action Plan
by J.W. de Groot, Houthoff Buruma
E. Buziau, Houthoff Buruma

Guided Choice Dispute Resolution Processes: Reducing the Time and Expense to Settlement
by J. Lack, Independent ADR Neutral & Attorney-at-Law
P.M. Lurie, Schiff Hardin LLP

Mediation Skills for Lawyers
by G. Carmichael Lemaire,

Mediation for Corporate Disputes: The Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanism to end all Corporate Disputes?
by J. Brocas, Linklaters LLP

Early Resolution of Disputes – an Expert’s Perspective
by H. de Trogoff, Accuracy
R. Harfouche, Accuracy

Interview on negotiations with Professor David Lax (Managing Principal) Lax Sebenius LLC The 3D Negotiation™ Group
by K. Karl, GE Oil & Gas
D. Lax, Lax Sebenius LLC – The 3-D Negotiation™ Group

Interview on the dynamics of conflict with Professor Bernard Mayer, The Werner Institute at Creighton University, Canada
by K. Karl, GE Oil & Gas
B. Mayer, The Werner Institute at Creighton University, Canada

Common Non Legal Objections to Negotiation Clauses
by F. Bettencourt Ferreira, Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira

Challenges and Opportunities for Dispute Resolution Practitioners and Institutions in the Changing Legal Market
by K. Campbell-Wilson, Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce

The Future of DISpute Resolution – Tailored, Proficient, Affordable
by R. Mosch, German Institution of Arbitration (DIS)

“Let’s Talk”: Using Mobile Technology to Predict and Prevent Corporate-Community Disputes in the Extractive Industry
by A. Heuty, Ulula
L. Pappagallo, Ulula

Artificial Intelligence can Improve Contract Intelligence, Reduces Legal Risks and Dispute Costs
by S. Copeland, Hawkins Parnell Thackston & Young LLP

Over the Horizon: How Corporate Counsel are Crossing Frontiers to Address New Challenges
by KPMG,

Companies in Conflict: How Commercial Disputes Are Won – A Discussion of Some of the Key Issues Arising From the Report
by S. Dutson, Eversheds LLP
C. Redmond, Eversheds LLP

Alternate Dispute Resolution from Indian Corporate Perspective – Analysis and Trends
by K.M. Rustagi, Patanjali Associates