La Ley: Unión Europea (Number 21)


Number 21 (December 2014) of the Spanish legal journal La Ley: Unión Europea has been released, with the following contents:

Section Doctrina

Patricia OREJUDO PRIETO DE LOS MOZOS, “Diez años de aplicación e interpretación del Reglamento Bruselas II bis sobre crisis matrimoniales y responsabilidad parental (Análisis de los aspectos de competencia judicial  internacional)

Abstract: Ten years have already passed since Brussels II bis Regulation entered into force. Along these years, the EU institutions, and especially the ECJ, have developed an important task in the interpretation and application of this instrument. By means of an analysis of this development, this paper is directed to contribute to the reflection on some of the issues that are currently under consideration ahead of a possible reform of the Regulation, and also to draw attention to other issues that are not being considered. For reasons of limited space, whole consideration is given to the rules on international jurisdiction.

Ana FERNÁNDEZ PÉREZ, “La cooperación de la Unión Europea con terceros países en materia de defensa de prácticas anticompetitivas: hacia un modelo de nueva generación

Abstract: The need to implement a Defense of Competition system in all states of the WTO offers several avenues to strengthen international cooperation in the fight against anticompetitive conducts. In this sense, bilateral conventions seem to respond to this need by promoting the convergence of tools and practices of competition policy among jurisdictions and facilitate cooperation with competition authorities.

Section Tribuna

Alegría BORRÁS, “La aceptación de las adhesiones al Convenio de La Haya de 1980 sobre sustracción de menores: el Dictamen del TJUE de 14 de octubre de 2014”

Abstract: On 14 October 2014 the European Court of Justice delivered its opinion on the exclusive external competence of the European Union to accept the accession of third States to the 1980 Hague Convention on the civil aspects of international child abduction. Following strictly its opinion 1/03 the Court understands that it is necessary to maintain the uniform and consistent application of EU rules. This comment refers to this opinion in contrast with the view of the great majority of member States and of the Council.

The current issue contains as well a section on case law with comments on selected decisions.