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On September 29, 2014 the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg for International, European and Regulatory Procedural Law will host a conference on ‘The Protection of Privacy in the Aftermath of the CJEU’s Judgments in eDate Advertising, Digital Rights Ireland and Google Spain’.

Ensuring the effective right to privacy regarding the gathering and processing of personal data has become a key issue both in the internal market and in the international arena. The extent of people’s right to control their data, the implications of the “right to be forgotten”, the actual impact on national systems of the CJEU’s decisions on jurisdiction on the infringement of personality rights, and recent legislation addressing libel tourism are all shaping a new understanding of data protection and the right to privacy, and also have an impact on other fundamental rights such as freedom of speech.

This Conference will explore these issues to assess the status quo and possible developments in this area of the law which is undergoing significant changes and reforms that are not always easy to reconcile.



14:15 The CJEU’s Decision in Google Spain: An Assessment

Professor Christopher Kuner, Honorary Fellow of the Centre for European Legal Studies, University of Cambridge, and Honorary Professor at the University of Copenhagen

Dr Cristian Oro Martinez, Max Planck Institute Luxembourg – discussant

 15:00 The CJEU’s Decision on the Data Retention Directive

Professor Martin Nettesheim, University of Tübingen

Dr Georgios Dimitropoulos, Max Planck Institute Luxembourg – discussant

 16:30 The CJEU’s Decision in eDate Advertising and Its Implementation by National Courts

Professor Burkhard Hess, Director, Max Planck Institute Luxembourg

Professor Patrick Kinsch, University of Luxembourg – discussant

 17:15 The 2010 U.S. SPEECH Act and the U.K. Reaction of 2013

Dr Cristina M. Mariottini, Max Planck Institute Luxembourg

Professor David P. Stewart, Georgetown University – discussant

 18:00 Discussion

For further information and to register, please click here.

Note: The following day, the Institute will host the first meeting of the ILA Committee on the Protection of Privacy in Private International and Procedural Law (this latter event is by invitation only).



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