Liber Amicorum for Hans Micklitz: Varieties of European Economic Law and Regulation


Kai Purnhagen and Peter Rott have edited a book entitled “Varieties of European Economic Law and Regulation”. Published by Springer and completely written in English the volume honors the work of Hans Micklitz, one of the leading scholars in EU economic law.

The publisher’s official abstract reads as follows:

This is the first book to comprehensively analyze the work of Hans Micklitz, one of the leading scholars in the field of EU economic law. It brings together analysts, academic friends and critics of Hans Micklitz and results in a unique collection of essays that evaluate his work on European Economic Law and Regulation. The contributions discuss a wide range of Micklitz’ work: from his theoretical work on private law beyond party autonomy, with a special focus on its regulatory function, to the illustration of how his work has built the basis for current solutions such as used in solving the financial crisis. The book is divided into sections covering foundations of private law, regulatory law, competition and intellectual property law, product safety law, consumer contract law and the enforcement of law. This book clearly shows the enormous impact of Hans Micklitz’ work on the EU legal system in both scholarship and practice.

More information is available on the publisher’s website.