Watté, Barnich and Jafferali on Belgian Decisions on Choice of Law (1995-2010)


Nadine Watté, Laurent Barnich and Rafaël Jafferali (Université Libre de Bruxelles) have posted Chronique de Jurisprudence Belge (1995-2010) (Conflits de lois) (Review of Belgian Case-Law (1995-2010) (Conflicts of Laws)  on SSRN.

This paper analyses the most significant judgements rendered by Belgian courts in the field of the conflicts of laws during the time period under review, during which Belgian Code of Private International Law (Statute of 16 July 2004) was adopted. Some of the analysed judgements are still based on the preceding conflicts of laws rules because they were rendered before the entry into force of the Code or because of its transitory rules. It seemed therefore interesting to mention the solution which would have been given under the new rules.

Note: Downloadable document is in French.