Two academic events in Ferrara concerning the Succession Regulation


On 8 November 2013 the Department of Law of the University of Ferrara, in cooperation with the Council of Notaries of Ferrara, will host a workshop (in English) and a roundtable (in Italian) on issues relating to Regulation No 650/2012 on successions.

The workshop (the third, this year, in a series of workshops on topics in the area of private international law: see this post for previous seminars) will feature Anatol Dutta (Max-Planck-Institut fur ausländisches und internationales Privatrecht. Hamburg), as main speaker, and Antonio Leandro (University of Bari) as discussant, with Luigi Fumagalli (University of Milan) presenting some concluding remarks. The topic of the workshop is “The European Certificate of Successions – A didactic play on the challenges to forge integrated private international law regimes”.

The roundtable will focus on the relevance of the new rules on cross-border successions to the planning of intergenerational passage in family businesses (“Passaggio generazionale nell’impresa e successione transfrontaliera – Problemi e prospettive alla luce del Regolamento (UE) n. 650/2012”). Speakers include Francesco Salerno (University of Ferrara), Paolo Pasqualis (Italian Council of Notaries), Fabrizio Vismara (University of Insubria) and Lorenzo Schiano di Pepe (University of Genova).

The roundtable will provide the opportunity to present a recently published collection of essays on Regulation No 650/2012 (see this post).

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