International Commercial Arbitration: A Guide for U.S. Judges


The U.S. Federal Judicial Center has just published a new monograph entitled “International Commercial Arbitration:  A Guide for U.S. Judges.”  The text, which was written by Professor S.I. Strong of the University of Missouri, provides readers with information on the intricacies of international commercial arbitration and the various ways that U.S. courts may become involved in the process.  The book is part of the Federal Judicial Center’s International Litigation Series and helps further the Federal Judicial Center’s statutory mission of providing research and education to the U.S. federal judiciary.  The text, which is broken down on a motion-by-motion basis, provides judges as well as practitioners with a useful introduction to international commercial arbitration practice in the United States.  The book is available in both hard copy and electronic form, and copies can be downloaded for free from the Federal Judicial Center’s website (here).