American Association of PIL Elects New Officers


On 2 November 2013, the Assembly of the American Association of Private International Law (ASADIPelected its officers for the period 2013-2016:

President: José Antonio Moreno Rodríguez (Paraguay)

Academic Vice President: Claudia M. Madrid Martínez (Venezuela)

Adjunct Academic Vice President: David Stewart (USA)

International Relations Vice President: Lauro Gama Jr (Brasil)

Adjunct International Relations Vice President: Ana Elizabeth Villalta (El Salvador)

Vice President of Communications and Publications: Paula M. All (Argentina)

Adjunct Vice President of Communications and Publications: Luis Ernesto Rodríguez Carrera (Venezuela)

Vice President of Finance: Laura Capalbo (Uruguay)

Adjunct Vice President of Finance: Guillermo Argerich (Argentina)

Secretary General: Nuria González Martín (México)

Adjunct Secretary General: Juan José Obando (Costa Rica)


  • Virginia Aguilar (México)
  • Carolina D. Iud (Argentina)
  • José Luis Marín (Colombia)
  • Geneviève Saumier (Canadá)
  • Zhandra Marín (USA)
  • Gonzalo Lorenzo (Uruguay)
  • Fernando Cantuarias (Perú)
  • Mirian Rodríguez (Venezuela)
  • Augusto Jagger (Brasil)
  • Taydit Peña Lorenzo (Cuba)

President of Honor: Didier Opertti Badán (Uruguay)

President of the Consultive Committee: Eugenio Hernández Bretón (Venezuela)