Vacancy at the University of Trier


Professor Jan von Hein from the Faculty of Law at the University of Trier is seeking to fill the position of a Research Assistant at his Chair for Civil Law, Conflict of Laws and Comparative Law as of 1 May 2012. Candidates should be interested in the Chair’s main research areas and should have a thorough knowledge of German civil as well as either conflict of laws and international procedural law or companies and securities law. The successful candidate will be expected to work on his or her doctorate (Ph.D.), to teach a few hours per week and to contribute to the Chair’s research projects. The contract is for 2 years.

Trier is not only Germany’s oldest city, a world cultural heritage and a favourite tourist destination, but also a hot spot for research in private international law: it is the seat of the Academy of European Law  and very close to Luxembourg, the seat of both the Court of Justice of the European Union and the recently founded Max Planck Institute for International Procedural Law which will start its work in 2012.

More information is available on Professor von Hein’s website. Deadline for application is 23 March 2012.