Second Issue of 2012’s Revue Critique de Droit International Privé


Revue Critique DIPThe last issue of the Revue critique de droit international privé was just released. It contains two articles and several casenotes.  A full table of contents can be found here.

In the first article, Catalina Avasilencei, a PhD candidate at the university Paris I, offers a survey of the new Romanian legislation on choice of law included in the new Romanian civil code (La codification des conflits de lois dans le Nouveau code civil roumain : une nouvelle forme en attente d’un contentieux). The English abstract reads:

The Romanian New Civil Code, in force starting with 1st October 2011, includes from now on the conflicts of laws regime, reforming the older regulation in this field. The amendments concern equally the general rules and the specific conflict rules. A general intervention of overriding mandatory provisions is expressly stated for the first time in Romanian law; however its articulation with the European regime in contractual and non-contractual matters is likely to raise issues. Parties’ autonomy is attributed a wider field of application, and the connecting factor of the habitual residence becomes more relevant compared to the nationality of the parties in conflicts of laws concerning personal matters, anticipating the new regulations at European level.

In the second article, Marie Nioche, who lectures at Nanterre University and practices at Castaldi Mourre, explores whether orders authorizing provisional attachments can be recognized in Europe and produce a res judicata effect (La reconnaissance de l’autorité de chose jugée d’une décision provisoire relative à une saisie conservatoire : conséquence de sa nature « décisionnelle »).  

The Revue can be downloaded here.