Kiobel Supplemental Briefs


For those interested in summer beach reading, I wanted to note that all briefs in the Kiobel case, including the supplemental briefs on the extraterritoriality question, are being compiled by SCOTUSBlog and can be accessed here.  For an interesting comparative examination of the case, Jodie Kirshner has an article entitled “Why is the U.S. Abdicating the Policing of Multinational Corporations to Europe?  Extraterritorialism, Sovereignty, and the Alien Tort Statute.”  Here is the abstract:

The United States has policed the multinational effects of multinational corporations more aggressively than any other coun-try, but recent decisions under the Alien Tort Statute indicate that it is now backtracking. Europe, paradoxically, is moving in the other direction. Why do some countries retract extraterritorial jurisdiction while others step forward? The article traces the opposing trends through corporate human rights cases and suggests that the answer may lie in attitudes towards national sovereignty. The developments raise important questions regarding the position of the United States in a globalizing world and its role in upholding international norms.