June at the Academy of European Law (ERA)


June is going to be quite charged at the Academy of European Law (ERA). The program starts with the seminar on Rome I and Rome II (31 May-1 June, see here. Update: there are still some places left; fees include two nights at a hotel).

Then, a five-day course will provide training on cross-border civil litigation (18-22 June 2012). Key topics of this summer course are:

  • Challenges for cross-border litigation
  • Specific procedures that help to obtain a judgment abroad faster and more easily
  • Law applicable to contracts and torts

There will be conferences as well as workshops, led by Angelika Fuchs, Ivana Kunda, Jens Haubold, Jan von Hein, Xandra Kramer, John Ahern, Raquel Ferreira Correia and Brian Hutchinson.

Another five days (25-29 June) will be devoted to European labour law, PIL included (for those interested also on social security law, the Annual conference on the topic will be held also at the ERA on June, 4-5. The conference will address the new EU social security coordination rules in force since May 2010; problems in terms of implementation at national and local level for the new regulations; and the challenge of Administrative cooperation between social security institutions.)

Key issues of the labour law summer course are

  • Free movement of workers
  • Applicable law to employment contracts
  • Posting of workers
  • Transfer of undertakings
  • Information and consultation rights
  • Equality and non-discrimination
  • Part-time, fixed-term and temporary  agency work
  • Working time

And the list of speakers: Ronald M. Beltzer; Nicola Braganza, Guy Castegnaro, Stefan Clauwaert, Szymon Kubiak, Jean-Philippe Lhernould, Nicolas Moizard, Filip Van Overmeiren, Nuria Elena Ramos Martin, Corinne Sachs-Durand, and Claudia Schmidt.

The summer program goes on at the very beginning of July with a five-days summer course on European intellectual property law (2-6 July). Key topics, this time

  • Legal and institutional framework
  • Trade marks and designs
  • Geographical indications
  • Copyright and related rights
  • Protection of databases
  • Patents
  • Intellectual/industrial property and the internal market (competition law and free movement of goods)
  • Jurisdiction and dispute resolution
  • Enforcement

Expected speakers are Philippe de Jong, Stefan Enchelmaier, Elisabeth Fink, Irina Kireeva, Anne MacGregor, David Por, Marius Schneider, Martin Senftleben, Paul L.C. Torremans and Guido Westkamp.

Participants in summer courses are given the opportunity to visit the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg (though the number of places is limited by the Court for practical reasons to 35).