Folkman on International Judicial Assistance


Theodore J. Folkman, who practices at Murphy & King, P.C. in Boston, has just published International Judicial Assistance for Massachusetts Lawyers. Many readers will know Ted’s work from Letters Blogatory, the Blog of International Judicial Assistance and one of the great and most active blogs in North America on international civil procedure.

In a global economy, litigators are increasingly dealing with foreign parties, witnesses, evidence, and judgments in the course of representing their clients. International Judicial Assistance offers clear, practical guidance on the law, procedure, and best practices for accomplishing a number of essential actions requiring international judicial assistance: serving process, obtaining depositions and documentary evidence, and enforcing foreign judgments and arbitration awards. With frequent practice notes, sample forms, and concrete explanations, International Judicial Assistance is an indispensable resource for any litigator.

I think that one of the great advantages of Folkman’s book is that it does not only deal with issues which are common to all U.S. states (either because they are governed by federal law, or by an international convention), but it also presents in details the particular rules of one state (Massachusetts) for other issues. Many readers outside of the United States will appreciate to get clear answers on all issues, even when they are governed by state law.

More details on the book can be found here.