English-language Commentary on the Rome I and II Regulations


It has not yet been mentioned on this blog that there is a new English-language commentary on the Rome I and II Regulations out there. Edited by Gralf-Peter Calliess from the University of Bremen and published by Kluwer Law International, the commentary provides an in-depth analysis of the new European conflict rules on contractual and non-contractual obligations. More information is available on the publisher’s website.

The official announcement reads as follows:

The year 2009 marks a revolution in European conflict of laws. The so-called Rome I and II Regulations, both entering into force this year, will bind the Member States of the European Union to a common set of rules for the choice of law in international private law disputes. They apply to both contractual and non-contractual disputes, their reach even extends to the application of non-Member State law. This poses great challenges to Courts and practitioners in every EU Member State, as there is only little case-law and doctrinal literature on the new rules, the uniform application of which will be overseen by the European Court of Justice. The Commentary answers to these challenges. It is an indispensable companion for both academics and legal professionals seeking their way through the Regulations. Renowned conflict of laws scholars comment every provision of the Regulations in a systematic, thorough and comprehensive manner, making them accessible to a broad international legal audience.

Mirroring the German tradition of scholarly commentaries on Parliamentary Acts, the authors are selected from the distinguished group of relatively young German private international law scholars, whose exceptionally high qualifications are represented by their passing through the German “Habilitation“-system (second book requirement) as well as their proven ability to publish in the English language .

The list of authors reads as follows:

  • Professor Dr. Dietmar Baetge, University of Hamburg
  • Assistant Professor Dr. Frank Bauer, University of Munich
  • Professor Dr. Benedikt Buchner, LL.M. (UCLA), University of Bremen
  • Professor Dr. Martin Franzen, University of Munich
  • Professor Dr. Martin Gebauer, University of Heidelberg
  • Professor Dr. Urs Peter Gruber, University of Halle
  • Professor Dr. Axel Halfmeier, Frankfurt School of Finance
  • Professor Dr. Jan von Hein, University of Trier
  • Professor Dr. Lars Klöhn, LL.M. (Harvard), University of Marburg
  • Assistant Professor Dr. Leander D. Loacker, University of Zurich
  • Research Associate Moritz Renner, University of Bremen
  • Assistant Professor Dr. Florian Roedl, University of Bremen
  • Professor Dr. Boris Schinkels, LL.M. (Cambridge), University of Greifswald
  • Professor Dr. Goetz Schulze, University of Lausanne
  • Professor Dr. Matthias Weller, Mag. rer. publ., EBS Law School Wiesbaden