Belgian Book on International and European Procedural Law


A new book has been published dealing with European procedural law. Entitled ‘Droit judiciaire européen et international‘, it offers a compilation of the most important case law dealing with the European Regulations in the field.

This book provides an overview of the case law dealing with the European Regulations in the field of civil procedure. For each provision of the annotated Regulations, a summary is given of the case law of the ECJ. Reference is also made to the relevant case law of the various Member States, with a focus on the decisions of the highest courts. A summary of the main findings of each case is presented, together with critical comments and reference to literature. 

This is a useful companion to other in-depth commentaries of the Regulations. The book, which has been written in French by a team of ten authors, will be updated every three years. It has been edited by Professor van Drooghenbroeck and is published in a series devoted to the practice of civil procedure in Belgium. Interested readers will find an extract on the publisher’s website.