Roundtable on the Proposal for a Common European Sales Law


On Friday, 9 December 2011 the Maastricht European Private Law Institute (M-EPLI) will host a roundtable on the Proposal for a Common European Sales Law. The conference will take place on the Brussels Campus of Maastricht University. Here is the programme:

12.30   Reception

12.45   Welcome Address by Prof. Jan Smits

Panel 1

13.00   Prof. Eric Clive – A General Perspective on the CESL

13.30   Prof. Giesela Rühl – Aspects of Private International Law

14.00  Ms Fatma Sahin (Discussant)

14.15   Mr Stefaan Verhamme (Discussant)

14.30  General Discussion

15.00  Coffee Break

Panel 2

15.30  Mr. Gary Low – The Choice of Legal Basis for the CESL

16.00  Dr. Nicole Kornet – The CESL and the CISG

16.30  Ms Ursula Pachl (Discussant)

17.00  Ms Simone Cuomo (Discussant)

17.30  General Discussion

18.00  Closing Words & Reception


More information is available here.