Establishment of the James Crawford Prize


The Editors of the Journal of International Dispute Settlement (JIDS) and Oxford University Press (OUP) have announced the establishment of The James Crawford Prize of the Journal of International Dispute Settlement. This annual prize will award £500 of OUP books and a subscription to JIDS to the author of the best paper received by the Journal. The winning paper will also be published in JIDS. For the 2012 Prize, submissions are required by 28 February 2012 to be considered for the award.

The selection will be made by a Prize Committee composed of the Editorial Director, the Associate Editors, and possibly further members of the Editorial Board of JIDS depending on the narrower fields of the papers submitted for the prize. The Committee may choose not to award the prize and hold it over for a subsequent year if, in their view, the papers submitted do not reach the standards required.

For the first JIDS Prize the award will be published and announced in the second issue of volume 3 of JIDS, in July 2012.

Submissions should be sent to